Containers by Tick!

Italian culinary tradition knows that there is nothing better than home cooking. So why not take it wherever you go?

Tick! containers, with their hermetic seal, guarantee safety and practicality, and they do it with originality and flair. Pink, orange, blue, green: when positioned correctly, the lids fasten securely on all four sides with a simple click, keeping your foods fresh and perfect. Ideal for preserving soups and sauces – you can heat them up easily in the microwave.

Once opened, they reveal all their delicious fragrance intact. It’s magic you can work anywhere: at a picnic in the park or at your desk in the office, from a potluck supper to a piece of cake the day after the party – it’s often even better then!

These containers are perfect custodians of the flavors you love. Grandma’s casserole, fresh from the fridge, agrees.

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Technical specifications

These hermetically sealed plastic containers keep everything fresh with their “clip-tape” lids that snap on all four sides. Ideal for the conservation of foods, they guarantee a perfect seal even for liquids, thanks to the “tilt-over” system.

  • Clip-Tape and Tilt-Over closure systems
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Microwavable
  • Working temperatures: -25 / +100 ºC





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